How to Make Engaging Videos that Represent your Brand

Video has become a crucial medium of brand communication. Companies that use only written content or photos may not be able to get their message across as effectively as through video content. As technology continues to improve, audiences will spend even more time watching videos through live streaming, augmented reality, interactive 360 videos, and much more.

But how to make video more engaging, and represent your brand at the same time? Our video production agency in Bangkok, Thailand identifies three things to consider when producing video content.

Insert some creative storytelling

No matter what kind of video content you are producing, the key principle of “show, don’t tell” will always be effective if you want to make engaging content. Speaking directly to the camera is fine, but let the viewer see things for themselves without having to take your claims on faith alone.

Creative storytelling also means thinking outside the box: Video can feature more than just live action from people. In our experience as a motion graphic agency in Bangkok, Thailand, animation or statistics can be a great tool to help make your points easily understood by audiences, and to make your video’s atmosphere engaging.

Still, if the main goal of your video is to sell a service or product that is newly launched, actors may be a better answer for your business. Using actors can strengthen human relationships and emotions through the story, engaging effectively with audiences’ pain points.

Maintain your style

A consistent and predictable content style helps audiences process information more easily, since they can concentrate on and digest the message rather than wondering what will happen next. In this way, an organization can make more time to focus on how to represent its brand through various customer touchpoints.

On the production side, a consistent style also helps the crew to make decisions more quickly, because they can simply follow the standards set out at the start of the campaign. For videos that fall within the established tone and standards, the quality checking process will be faster as well.

Do not overestimate attention span

Be mindful of the audience’s attention span no matter what video content you are producing to represent your business. Although there is no ideal length and style for a storytelling video on social media, Hubspot states that the rise of TikTok is changing the way audiences consume media content. Starting off with short-form videos will help directly communicate your message to audiences who do not spend much time watching videos. However, if your messages are complex, you might consider creating a long-form video with entertaining style, then splitting different elements of it into small snippets and posting them on other social media channels as well.

Making engaging videos that represent your brand will always require time and effort. But success can result in thousands of views, raise your brand awareness and recognition, and can absolutely connect you with more clients and customers. Even if you have a limited budget, it is always worth investing in visual storytelling. Success in branding leads to success in business, and our social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand is standing by to assist you along the way.

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