Lexicon Launches Studio and Event Space

Lexicon, Bangkok’s leading Digital PR and Brand Storytelling agency, has recently expanded its office. The expansion’s main features are the state-of-the-art video production studio and the dedicated events space. 

The event space features over 100 sqm of activity space, a sound system, and stadium seating. The space can be adapted for any type of event with modular tables and seating. 

Lexicon’s Founder & CEO, David Norcross said of the expansion: “The Lexicon commitment to storytelling is strong and we want to practice what we preach. All 320 SQM of this expansion are dedicated to telling our clients’ stories in creative ways – from panel discussions and keynote networking events, through to podcasts, interviews, and creative green screen productions in the studio.”

In February, Lexicon held its first public event in the space: a panel discussion organized by the British Thai Chamber of Commerce, which featured over 80 paying guests. Since then, the space has been used for ceremonies, networking, training, and team-building activities.

Thiti Klinsmal, Lexicon’s Video Production Manager, said: “It’s a really exciting time for us. We’ve always had talented people and great equipment, but this really takes us to the next level. This studio gives us limitless creative storytelling potential.” 

Lexicon was founded in 2015 and has since grown from two employees to well over 40. Even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has managed to thrive, growing its client base as well as well as its staff. 

“What COVID-19 taught is that it’s more important than ever for companies and business leaders to get their messages and their stories out there in new and creative ways,” Norcross said. “Even when people can’t meet in person, they can still meet online. That’s where Lexicon comes in. We connect our clients to their ideal target audience and craft compelling stories to keep that audience engaged. These are challenging times, to say the least. But we’ve been able to do quite well despite all the disruptions, and we’ll be working tirelessly to help our clients thrive as well.” 


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