The Best-Laid Plans: Digital Marketing in a Time of Uncertainty

The last couple of months were tough, but your business survived the COVID-19 storm – or at least its first wave. With sales still far below normal, the best you can realistically hope for is recovery in the medium term. And yet: Pushing hard in this direction carries its own set of risks.

Getting back up to full strength takes a significant investment, at a time when many businesses are sensibly looking to minimize their overhead. In particular, if the COVID-19 crisis has forced you to cut non-core staff, filling those seats again may mean spending money you don’t have.

With the virus threatening to return at any moment, businesses seem forced to make an impossible gamble: Rebuild now and keep your fingers crossed that the economy stays open; or play it safe and wait until the coast is clear – even though that means foregoing potential sales at a time when you desperately need to regain momentum.


The best of both worlds

Fortunately, there is a third option. Rather than hiring new non-core staff, training them, and keeping them equipped with the latest tools and software, outsourcing partnerships can give you access to expert teams who are available for flexible assignments and whose skills are always up to date.

Digital marketing is an excellent candidate for an outsourcing arrangement. Most businesses had incomplete or outdated strategies even before the COVID-19 pandemic tore through the global economy. With social norms radically altered and people’s personal routines disrupted, all marketing strategies now need a re-think (at the very least). And neglecting this key area of your business just isn’t an option.


By outsourcing your marketing strategy, you can stay fresh in the minds of your customers.


The right creative agency in Bangkok can add value and generate awareness for your brand during this crucial time. It can also keep your content calendar fresh, your marketing strategy in line with current priorities, and your customers reassured that they can still count on you to deliver.

Digital marketing is about much more than simply pushing for sales. It’s about expressing your values, establishing yourself as an expert in your particular field, building an engaged community, and helping your audience find solutions for the challenges they face. Sales do come – but as a natural outgrowth of this journey, rather than from a faucet that can be turned on and off at a moment’s notice.


Your digital marketing campaign will bear the most fruit once it has had time to establish its roots.


As the economy faces an uncertain future, outsourcing your digital marketing campaign makes more sense than ever. For a safer investment, and none of the HR worries associated with doing everything in-house, let Bangkok’s digital marketing experts tell your story. Our team at Lexicon has been trained to deal sensitively with this crisis period, and can respond quickly to changing conditions as they occur.

From high-quality thought leadership articles and social media management, to on-brand visual and video concepts, to customized programming for websites, apps, and e-commerce software, our experts will add a much-needed jolt of electricity to your marketing campaign.

Let other businesses rely on luck. Lexicon’s customized service offerings mean that whatever happens, we’ll always keep you on course for digital marketing success.


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