What Does a Creative Agency in Bangkok, Thailand Charge?

What does a creative agency in Bangkok, Thailand charge?

Finding a reliable graphic design agency in Bangkok can be a real challenge. Though there are a lot of agencies and freelancers working in the city, finding a firm with experience of dealing with professional firms is tough. Well-established agencies often charge very high rates and freelancers are notoriously unrelaible.

So how much does a creative agency charge then?

Lexicon charges 2500 THB per hour in general for a single hour of graphic design, branding or video production work. However, prices are significantly lower when quoted as part of a project rate.

As for the specific costs of a single project, life would be a lot easier if we could just say a logo was 10,000 THB and an brand book was 100,000 THB; however, each project requires a different time commitment. 

For a client with low expectations and a clear idea of what they’re after, we can develop a new logo in an hour. However, finalizing a logo can take 50+ hours for clients that want us to perform competitor research and create numerous hand-drawn illustrations before settling on a design and applying it to stationery, banners and brochures.

To avoid confusion, we always quote prices before getting started on any project, so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your creative project with us. Creative design hours are also included in most of our social media marketing packages.

Below we outline the prices we’ve charged for previous projects, but feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like a specific quote for your project. We always aim to reply within a couple of hours.

Blog Cover Image | 1 hour | 2500 THB

We selected the right stock image and ensured that the visual style of the image was simple yet captured the company’s  corporate visual identity. We also ran tests to ensure the image met Facebook’s restrictions on text in images

6 Quote Images | 1 hour | 2500 THB

We can produce multiple quote images in an hour. Please note that creating the initial on-brand template may take a little longer; however, this is a one off process.

Hand-drawn Cover Image/Infographic | 3 hours | 7,500 THB

We employ talented illustrators who can take any idea from abstract to reality with world-class results. Below is a sample of a hand-drawn cover image. This kind of content can ALSO be used to created beautifully illustrated infographics.

Hand-drawn Photo Set | 4 hours | 10,000 THB

Photo sets are excellent tools for storytelling on social media and provide attractive supplementary material for blogs.

Magazine Front Page Design & Layout | 5 hours | 12,500 THB

Time spent formulating, sketching, and designing to match the magazine’s theme and corporate identity. 

Logo Design | 8 hours | 20,000  THB

Once a clear brief was established, a full day was enough for our design team to conceptualize this client’s logo.

Character Design | 16 hours | 36,800  THB

Designing a set of 4 cartoon characters takes 16 hours as each unique character takes around 4 hours to create. Our hourly rate also drops for projects longer than 10 hours.

Magazine Production | 30 hours | 60,000 THB

Designing this magazine involved illustration, typesetting, and a re-brand. 

Brand Book | 100 hours | 150,000  THB

Developing tone of voice and visual guidelines while sythesizing existing brand materials into a coherent, attractive brand book.


As you’ve seen, the time taken to complete work can vary substantially between projects. If you’d like us to provide you with a bespoke quote for your project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll stick to the price we quote at the project’s start, even if the work takes a little longer than expected.

As a friendly reminder, we charge 2,500 THB per hour for one-off projects, but rates can be as low as half of this for longer projects.:

Lexicon is a full-service digital marketing agency in Bangkok, offering copywritingsocial media marketing and graphic design services.

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