What is Copywriting? Bangkok and the Future of Online Business

What is Copywriting? Bangkok and the Future of Online Business

Bangkok is a city on the move, and these days it is increasingly important for companies to produce well-written, interesting online content in order to succeed in the city.

Often it is through a firm’s online reputation that customers find out about them, and so it is essential to make sure that all your content is written with exactly the right style and tone to catch the attention of your potential customers (while also keeping the ones you already have), which may mean writing blogs about your product, or developing a unique online persona.

This increasing demand for high-quality online content is one of the reasons that companies like Lexicon are having so much success at the moment. Our of copywriting agency in Bangkok in team has experience writing all kinds of material for businesses around the country – particularly for their websites and press releases, as we discussed previously. When Lexicon receives a new copywriting assignment, we collaborate with our clients to make sure that we have the precise tone they’re looking for, and also that we focus our writing on exactly the features they want to emphasize, all the while ensuring that a client’s unique identity is well-represented in the work we do for them.

I’m often asked to explain the purpose of copywriting by people I meet in Bangkok. For those of us who work in newspapers or other media, the term is part of everyday life – but for the rest of the world, it is often confused with other ideas. Particularly in Bangkok, copywriting seems to be a word that is certain to cause misunderstanding.

Most of us are familiar with the word ‘copyright’, which although it has the same pronunciation, is actually different from copywriting. Copyright refers to words or information which are the intellectual property of their authors. Those authors have a ‘right’ to receive credit for those words, and while their words can be quoted or reviewed, they can’t be reproduced in full without the author’s permission. Copyright is the reason that it is illegal to download movies online. But I know you guys would never do that, right?

However, ‘copy’, in the world of publishing, is also used as a noun – and it means anything that is written by an author. Newspaper editors around the world wait for their reporters and journalists to bring them their ‘copy’, which becomes the news that you read in your newspaper every morning, or on your favourite website. Reporters usually have to do a lot of strenuous research, reviewing and typing before their copy is published.

Sometimes Bangkok copywriting can be simpler than that, of course. If the task is to write copy for an advertisement or a website homepage, for example, then less research is needed. The important thing to remember, though, is that Bangkok copywriters are the people who produce the content of all the websites, advertisements, press releases, brochures, signs, magazines and everything else that is written for the public. Without words, it’s pretty hard to get your message across to an audience, which is why social media marketing and management are so important in Bangkok.

Any successful business will have to focus on several key areas, from the design of its product, to management of its own employees, to its physical location, logo, target audience, and so on. Many companies get all of this right – only to neglect the final step, which is building a strong relationship with their customers via advertising and effective marketing of their image. A good Bangkok copywriter will be aware of the specific image and identity that its client wants to promote, and write engaging copy in order to skillfully highlight those positive aspects of the client.

Whether you need a new homepage for your website; a description for your online catalog; press releases for new developments and new products within your business; engaging advertisements; blog posts for your website; or any other kind of Bangkok copywriting material for your business – contact Lexicon and we’ll make sure you get noticed.

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