What Does a Copywriting Agency in Bangkok, Thailand Charge?

Copywriting agency in Bangkok, Thailand

What does a copywriting agency in Bangkok, Thailand charge?

Finding a reliable copywriter in Bangkok is a challenge. Though there are a good deal of freelancers and agencies available, the city is teeming with generalists and very few specialists. Plus agencies can be expensive and freelancers are often unreliable.

So how much does copywriting in Bangkok cost?

Lexicon charges 2500 THB per hour for our content writing services: copywriting, editing and translating; however, this price can be significantly lower with the bulk purchase of hours (see below).

As for the specific costs of a single project, life would be a lot easier if we could just say a blog was 2000 THB and an article was 3000 THB; however, each project requires a different time commitment. Depending on the complexity of the subject matter, the amount of research required and if there’s a company style guide to emulate, a 500-word blog article can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to complete.

Pricing by the hour may seem confusing to new clients, but these rates are provided to give you a general idea of what you get in terms of quantity and quality. We always quote before getting started on a project.

Below we outline the prices we’ve charged for previous projects, but feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like a specific quote for your project. We always aim to reply within a couple of hours.

Blog | 1 hour | 2500 THB

This blog took 60 minutes to produce. The author had a strong understanding of the subject matter, which meant little research was necessary. Tone guidelines were generalized as ‘friendly and conversational’.

Press Release | 1.5 hours | 3,750 THB

This press release for the Banyan Tree took 90 minutes to produce. Having previously studied the hotel’s brand book, we have a strong grasp on their expressive style/tone of voice and can quickly turn client notes into compelling prose. The version published on this website is actually an abridged version of the press release we delivered.

Thought Leadership Article | 2 hours | 5,000 THB

The below article took 120 minutes to produce. The topic required additional research into the topic of gender equality in Thai workplaces, which then needed to be synthesized into a coherent article. As we helped PKF create its tone and style guidelines, we were able to easily adapt the writing to the PKF brand.

Thai Blog | 3 hours | 7,500 THB

This article took 180 minutes to produce. The topic is about using lego as a form of adult play in order to unveil character truths.

Video Script  & Storyboard| 4 hours | 10,000 THB

This video script and the storyboard on which the video are based took 240 minutes to produce. Meetings, calls and research were required.

Web Copy | 5 hours | 12,500 THB

This project took 300 minutes and included all of the text on the website, as well as its first blog. This was a part of a larger client project, which included web design, video production and social media marketing. Note: writing all of the web copy on a site often takes much longer than this, especially if there are many pages of technical or complex copy to produce.

Thought Leadership Article | 6 hours | 15,000 THB

The below article written for the Asian Correspondent website took 6 hours to produce, including 4 hours of reporting on an event which our writer attended.

Magazine Article | 7 hours | 17,500 THB

The below article written for the American Chamber of Commerce magazine took 7 hours to produce. Two of our team members worked on this project together and provided the client multiple revisions to ensure a quality final product.

Whole magazine in English and Thai | 50 hours | 100,00 THB

The Lexicon Thai and English copywriting teams worked together to create all of the content in this dual language magazine. 


As you can likely tell, the time taken to complete work can vary substantially. To get a specific quote for your next copywriting project, we encourage you to contact us. We’ll stick to the price we quote at the project’s start, even if the work takes a little longer than expected.

As a friendly reminder, we charge 2500 THB per hour for one-off projects, but we do offer bulk package discounts, which you can see below:

These packages can be used for content writing, editing and translating. They may also be used for graphic design.

Content Writing
Editing &
Thai/English translating

Content Writing
Editing &
Thai/English translating

Content Writing
Editing &
Thai/English translating

Lexicon produce excellent written content. They are always very responsive, and they act as part of my team. I like how they keep track of the hours they spend on their work as it allows for full transparency.Lexicon is a full-service digital marketing agency in Bangkok, offering copywritingsocial media marketing and graphic design services.Related BlogsLeveraging Thought Leadership for Business Growth in ThailandWhat is a Persona? A marketer’s guide to storytellingGhostwriting: Is it Really Possible to Capture Someone’s Voice?Copywriting for Hotels: How the Right Style Leads to the Right Audience


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