Why Your Company Needs Video Marketing

You’ve got a company with its own angle on the market in Thailand, competing for dominance in its niche. That company needs to project a unique voice and personality in order to differentiate itself from its competitors. It has products with features that may defy easy explanation. These products may have many uses, and there is always a story to be told about the materials they’re made of, the production process, the people who make them, and the success stories of your customers who rely on them.
Your company has its own story to tell, too. Is it a visionary leader in its field, or a quirky startup with an inventive twist to shake up an old industry? Is it family-run? Are its materials sourced locally, and assembled in local factories? Does it have a tagline or a company motto? Is it involved with the community?

These nuances and many more are very hard to get across if you only have enough space in your communications for a few sentences and an image. Whether you’re aiming at businesses or ordinary consumers, customers often need active and compelling reasons to make a change to their habits. Your furniture, beer or laundry detergent may in fact be better than the competition, but there are psychological hurdles that prevent customers from abandoning the brands they already use.

Video marketing is an ideal way of navigating these obstacles. Reassuring music or narration can ease the viewer’s natural wariness of new things. By telling your story visually, customers can feel they understand where you’re really coming from, rather than getting an odd sense that you are a mysterious entity appearing out of nowhere. Video lets you show your product (or your company and its offices) from many different angles – a form of transparency that gives psychological confirmation, in this age of fly-by-night companies and fear of ‘fake news’, that you really are who you say you are.

Besides its great potential for setting the tone while providing explanation and context, there is one other simple but crucial reason to use video in your digital marketing effort: Excitement. A catchy musical beat, fast-paced editing, motion and emotion – these elements are hard to reproduce in a blog post or infographic.

Whether you’re marketing a hotel, restaurant, insurance service or new flat-screen TV, most products just sit there, motionless. While the right photographer and a good use of statistics can make these sorts of products seem useful and appealing, they are rarely inspiring without the benefit of video to make them come alive. And because a marketer’s mandate is to inspire customers enough to have them get up and make a purchase, nothing less than inspiring will do.

An essential component of video marketing  is ensuring your content reaches the right audience. Social media marketing in Bangkok enables businesses in Thailand to make direct connections with potential customers like never before, and easily track success. Useful content plus precision targeting allows for measurable benefits that no other form of medium can come close to emulating.

Video marketing isn’t the right solution in every case, and there are definitely situations where excessive use is unhelpful. Sometimes the message needs to be quick and simple, and a well-crafted image or blog post can do the job as well or better. As with all tools, there is a right time and place – and a right way – to use video. Every marketer ought to have it in their toolbelt, and be trained to use it effectively.


*All videos shown above were produced by our video production agency in Bangkok

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