3 important tips when developing your visual storytelling

Since the beginning of time, stories have connected generations and cultures, forming a kind of universal language for all of humanity. No matter your culture or experiences, everyone loves a good story.

Brands and businesses today use storytelling to connect with their audiences. Powerful statistics and stimulating quotes may get people’s attention, but only a good story can provide the context needed to make them truly memorable. A compelling brand story can help businesses cut through the white noise of social media, and establish a bond with their audience that stands the test of time.

In a crowded social media landscape, however, the hard part is getting noticed. That’s where visual storytelling comes in. Albert Mehrabian’s 7% rule suggests that in communication we remember 7% of spoken words, 38% of voice and tone, and 55% body language. People everywhere are more receptive to visual stimuli – and when paired with storytelling, it is a vital tool to help any business connect with its audience.

As a creative design agency in Bangkok, Thailand, we help brands build a visually striking story that engages their audience. Here are three important strategies that we routinely follow, when developing visual storytelling for a brand:

  • Create a brand persona 

The tone and style of your business should represent its core values. Your brand persona should therefore be both relatable and sympathetic, as it will serve as a guide for all current and future employees — providing them with a clear idea of how to embody your underlying mission and objectives. Audiences will also respond to your brand persona, and see it as a bridge to connect with your business. The more relatable your persona is, the more likely people will remember it. 

As a leading creative design agency in Bangkok, Lexicon is well versed in creating visually striking and relatable personas for our clients. Our experienced team of creative designers can help you find the perfect persona for your business. 

  • Create depth 

In storytelling, perfection isn’t always the right ideal. The best characters often have some sort of flaw, something that leads to an internal conflict and an opportunity to grow.  Simply put, “perfect” characters are harder to relate to, whereas characters with common imperfections are more likely to keep your audience engaged.

As the number one digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand, our experienced team of storytellers can help you forge a connection with your audience — by creating a character that is both complex and authentic. 

  • Find a signature style 

The most memorable businesses have their own signature color, style, and theme. When building your brand’s visual story, it is essential to apply at least one of these elements. By adding one or two unique details, your brand will have an easier time sticking out in a crowded sea of established businesses.

If you’re struggling to find your brand’s visual identity, hiring one of the leading creative design agencies in Bangkok can go a long way. 

Our creative design agency in Bangkok, Thailand can help your brand achieve visual storytelling success, making sure it strikes the right chords with your audience. Contact us today, and let our experienced team of creative designers show you the way. 

Lexicon is a digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand. We use branded storytelling to connect our clients with their ideal audience through social media marketing, website design, video production, branding, copywriting, and a full range of Bangkok creative agency services as well as our Bangkok translation service. All work is done in-house by our talented internationally-minded team of creative storytellers and every project is created bespoke to suit our clients’ needs.


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