Lexicon Acquires Next Step Systems, Launches TechLab for Customized IT Solutions

Bangkok, Thailand, July 2019 – Lexicon Business Communications, Bangkok’s leading English and Thai-language digital marketing provider, has acquired Next Step Systems, a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in building custom software solutions for popular websites and apps. The acquisition was soon followed by the launch of TechLab, Lexicon’s new suite of IT services featuring tailored software development for clients.

TechLab services include custom website upgrades for new data processing capabilities, programming solutions for administrative systems, and back-end enhancements for client apps, among other offerings. Lexicon clients can use TechLab to update their legacy IT systems, fully integrating and analyzing data inputs from multiple sources as part of their digitalization process.

TechLab’s digital marketing division also introduces qualitative leaps in other realms, giving businesses customizable direct access to their audiences via LINE. As the most popular messaging app in Thailand, LINE offers a special BCRM service to help businesses create a specially designed user experience. LINE BCRM facilitates exclusive direct marketing and interaction with customers through a convenient interface – with Lexicon’s TechLab delivering a similar service at a fraction of the price.

Next Step Systems founder and TechLab director Maxime Schmitt has already found the partnership to be productive for both companies. “We build apps and websites from the ground up, and modernize existing IT systems for our clients. From there, Lexicon’s design and branded storytelling teams take over to present these same clients in the best light, and connect them with their customers. This relationship has given us an opportunity for real synergy, and the results have already been tremendous.”

The launch of TechLab allows Lexicon to provide a comprehensive suite of marketing services, in addition to a new set of programming capabilities. With an IT-based model for enhanced customer communication now added to its already-existing catalogue of content creation and promotion in every media category, Lexicon has further secured its position as Bangkok’s digital PR and branded storytelling leader.

Lexicon founder David Norcross put the launch in perspective, emphasizing the significance of offering LINE BCRM services at a low cost. “This acquisition represents a quantum leap forward for Lexicon,” he said. “We were already telling great stories with video, social media, and content writing. Lexicon clients can now get everything they need in terms of marketing under one roof. We’re delighted to bring aboard someone like Max, with his many programming talents. With LINE Business expected to make a dramatic impact on Thailand’s marketing landscape over the coming months, we’re now fully prepared to lead that charge forward and keep our clients ahead of the curve.”

Lexicon is a full-service digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand. We specialize in corporate storytelling and produce all of our content in-house, including branding,  copywritingvideo production and graphic design. We bring all of our services together and use Digital PR and social media marketing storytelling to connect our clients with the ideal target audience.

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