Digital Marketing in Thailand: Trends to Watch in 2020

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The new decade will undoubtedly bring surprises around every corner, but one area where trends are clear is within the world of digital marketing. This century so far has coincided with the dawn of the Information Age – and despite a few false starts (BlackBerry, MySpace, etc), we are now well into an era where the dust has settled and the outlines of the playing field are clear.

As the 2020s kick off, digital marketing has emerged as the clear winner in the branding and advertising sweepstakes and our digital marketing agency in Bangkok is ideally placed by benefit. While billboards, print magazines, and old-fashioned TV commercials are still with us, but when people spend most of their day looking at their phone or laptop, such unfocused attempts at reaching an audience provide relatively low return on investment.

By contrast, digital marketing can be precisely targeted to small groups or even individuals in Thailand – and appears right on the devices that occupy people’s interest in today’s attention-driven economy. The following list gives a look ahead at the most reliably successful themes in the year (and years) ahead. The common theme is that they all add real value to the customer experience – an enterprise that builds trust and positive word of mouth – rather than trying to herd people again and again toward direct sales pitches.

  • Podcasts. You don’t have one, or even appear on one – and you need to. Particularly in Thailand, where commute times for many workers can stretch out to hours each day, audio is an increasingly popular and effective format for getting your message out. Although well-written blogs and advertisements can do a great job of explaining your products or services, people feel far more comfortable with brands that they can connect to on a human level. Podcast appearances give ordinary people a window into how your business looks and feels on the inside, with the unguarded and unscripted audio format ideal for conveying your inner humanity and our video production agency in Bangkok can help record your podcast, too. Podcasts let you talk about your values as well as your products, all while you tell your company story. Speaking of which …
  • Storytelling. Every company has a story – about its history, its people, its mission, and its products. The tone of that story should reflect your core values, so that your potential customers come to automatically identify you by the story and values you are presenting. Storytelling lets you escape the endless loop of creating the kind of sales-driven content that lacks direction and inspiration. Without a story, you become just another faceless manufacturer of widgets. With one, you have a digital marketing identity that people can connect with – and even believe in. You can also create content campaigns that have satisfying characters and real narrative arcs, capturing the imagination of your audience as they learn to associate you with confidence and clarity. That brings us to …
  • Omnichannel marketing. Telling a coherent story, with many moving parts, becomes far easier when you exercise the ability to coordinate your messaging across all platforms. By giving users the same experience whether they are on your app or website, or whether they are connecting with you through their desktop computer or mobile phone, your business can present a consistent public image that holds together regardless of how it is viewed. It is important to also maintain a consistent visual identity, irrespective of individual platform’s different size specifications. Using a single creative agency in Bangkok can help ensure consistency. Naturally, one of your most important communication channels will have to be …
  • LINE. By far the most popular and important messaging app in Thailand, LINE’s users make up 84% of the country’s entire online population. By connecting with your core audience on LINE, your business can show that it is well adapted to the needs and preferences of the general public in Thailand. Digital marketing on LINE becomes even more effective if you are able to make full use of LINE’s business tools, including LINE@, LINE Pay, and – of course – LINE BCRM, which allows you to create a fully interactive user experience with your customers through the LINE app. However, there is one more key trend in Thailand’s digital marketing world for 2020, namely …
  • Influencers. The only thing better than an automated interactive online service is a marketing campaign that integrates personalities whom your target audience will already know and trust. By partnering with popular influencers across Thai society, your brand can borrow from the fame and social credibility that these influencers bring to the table. Influencer marketing has grown ever more popular both in Thailand and around the world, for the simple reason that messages tend to resonate when they are delivered by people who are recognized and respected for either their social charisma or professional expertise in a particular field – or both.

By investing in these effective digital marketing tools and methods, businesses can make a name for themselves as experts in their field. Their core audience will appreciate receiving high-quality content that adds real value to their lives – and therefore be far more likely to recommend your products or services to their friends. You will become known for your unique values and company story, rather than seen as yet another interchangeable company in your field. Although you may need the support of a translation service in Bangkok to ensure your message is localized for the ideal target audience.

The trend toward this kind of value-focused content is already very much in evidence. All of the above digital marketing strategies are increasing in popularity as the medium matures. Adopting some of them is necessary simply to keep up with your competitors. Embracing all of them, with well-planned and carefully executed content that reinforces your key message and values, will put your company ahead of the pack – and in excellent position for sustained marketing success throughout the next decade.


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