Digital Storytelling in the Roaring 2020s

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” 


– Mark Twain


In terms of their devastating effects on society, the COVID-19 pandemic and the 1918 Spanish Flu have been remarkably similar. Yet the rollout of vaccines has prompted widespread optimism about a full economic recovery, with many anticipating a second Roaring Twenties, or rather – the Roaring 2020s.

If this decade brings a new economic boom, one thing is certain: Not all companies will share the benefits equally. So how can brands stand out from the crowd and position themselves for success in this digitally transformative age?

History shows us the answer. Modern marketing began in earnest in the Roaring Twenties, through radio broadcasts and cinema advertising. Today’s digital storytelling tools enable far more impactful messaging, though making the most of these new technologies requires the kind of skill and expertise that our digital marketing agency in Bangkok can provide.

Marketing strategy, then and now

As COVID-19 pushes people toward online lifestyles, and pushes businesses toward digital transformation, virtually all successful brands have an important marketing strategy in common: They focus on well-executed two-way communication between the brand and its customers. This strategy, however, only became possible through the rise of digital storytelling, which represents a radical leap forward from the technology of the Roaring Twenties.

A century ago, commercial radio advertising was a state-of-the-art technology – and it changed everything. Brands could connect with their customers through audio, helping them seem more relatable while making the most of the medium. Those who understood radio and could harness its power well, enjoyed real market advantages over competitors that were less technologically adept, or remained only in their comfort zone of print media advertising.

Over time, the effectiveness of radio, cinema, and (later) television advertising were impossible to deny, forcing companies in every industry to adapt or get left behind. This universal embrace of mass media created its own problem, however: With everyone doing the same thing, how could any company truly stand out?

Storytelling quality served as a key differentiating factor, and continues to be hugely important in any digital marketing campaign. But today’s technology allows for interactive communication at scale, and companies once again must either adapt or risk falling behind. This interactivity allows for an even deeper audience connection, as long as the content itself is well structured.

Then, as now, the best marketing strategies combine new communication technology with all the core characteristics of effective storytelling, including empathy, authority, and social listening. Above all, brands must strive for digital storytelling excellence in the following four areas:

Social media 

90% of consumers are more loyal to brands they follow on social media platforms. While it is easy to set up a social media account, getting your brand heard and maximizing online engagement can be a big challenge amid a red ocean of competition.

People follow brands that are responsive to queries, show a real personality, and post content that doesn’t feel like an endless string of advertisements. By designing and implementing the right messaging strategy, our social media agency in Bangkok can boost engagement and make a big difference to your marketing ROI.

Video production

A study shows that 86% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool – up from 61% just five years ago. The reason is simple: Marketing your brand through video can raise your engagement significantly. On LinkedIn, for instance, videos are shared 20x more often than other types of content.

Our professional video production agency in Bangkok can develop high-quality video and storytelling content, to help your business stand out in the upcoming Roaring 2020s era.

Creative design

Graphic design was already a refined art in the Roaring Twenties, bringing brands to life in magazines, newspapers, and posters. Today’s visual storytelling, however, should be designed to suit the particular demands of social media, videos, and websites on smartphone screens.

Indeed, the right combination of engaging content and attractive graphic design can help your business win over hesitant potential customers. For instance, our creative design agency in Bangkok frequently uses hand-crafted graphics alongside original video ideas:


Website design

Well-executed social media, video production, and creative design can bring potential customers to your website. But your business must also use effective digital storytelling to keep them there, and convert visitors into sales and loyal customers.

An easy-to-use, eye-catching website can go a long way toward building credibility for your brand. What worked in the Roaring Twenties in the form of a billboard advertisement must now be adapted to a well-built website, in order to truly stand out in the Roaring 2020s.

Our website design agency in Bangkok can help your brand establish itself as a reliable player, handle e-commerce, and stay competitive in our digital age.

Gear up for the Roaring 2020s 

The economic boom of a century ago followed from a pandemic recovery, alongside sweeping cultural changes and the introduction of new communications technologies. With comparable developments shaping the world in 2021, the parallels between past and present are striking.

If history is any guide, the switch from ‘survival’ to ‘growth’ may happen much faster than many businesses expect. The roar of the Roaring 2020s signals acceleration – and in order to hit the ground running, businesses should start preparing now.

For your company to get ahead during the coming growth period, it will need to embrace digital storytelling strategies that make the most of today’s two-way communication tools. Well-executed social media, video production, creative design, and website design initiatives can go a long way toward launching today’s businesses into the Roaring 2020s.

Our digital marketing agency in Bangkok can show you the way forward. Contact us today to learn how.


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